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DNA Test Services in Zimbabwe. Only $350
Specialists in home DNA Tests. Our lab has performed over 250,000 tests to date.   Order your DNA Test today for complete peace of mind.

Am I the father? Accurate DNA Testing in Zimbabwe

easyDNA is your local DNA testing provider based in Harare, Zimbabwe. We have over 8 years in the field of genetic analysis and work exclusively with ISO 17025 accredited laboratories that have handled more than 300,000 tests. We also guarantee total privacy and discretion as well as the most accurate results possible.

Need a Paternity test?

easyDNA is a paternity testing specialist. We offer peace of mind testing as well as paternity testing for immigration. With peace of mind testing, we send you an easy-to-use home kit which contains oral swabs. All you need to do is rub the swabs inside the mouth and allow them to dry for ten seconds. You then send them to us for testing. Within just 5-7 working days we will give you your result.

We send out our kit by post but if you wish, you can fix an appointment to pick it up directly at our Harare office. The DNA test kit contains full instructions on how to collect your DNA samples - we also have a visualDNA Collection Guide on the website for easy reference.

The home paternity test is competitively priced starting from $350.00. This is the cost for the testing of alleged father and 1 child. With all our paternity test results, we guarantee minimum probabilities in excess of 99.99% in cases where the alleged father is the biological father.

We also offer DNA testing for legal purposes where samples are collected and verified by a medical Doctor. Our customer service team is available to assist you by phone or email and we will help you every step of the way throughout the whole of the DNA testing process.

Relationship DNA Testing in Zimbabwe

easyDNA has a broad postfolio of relationship tests. These tests are ideal if you need to confirm whether two or more relatives are actually genetically related.

DNA relationship tests can be used between any of the following alleged relatives:

  • Aunt and uncles with their nieces of nephews
  • Grandparents with their grandchildren
  • Brothers and sisters

Cannot collect your samples with oral swabs?

It is sometimes not possible to collect your samples with oral swabs simply because one of the test participants is not physically available for the test. In this case, easyDNA Zimbabwe offers forensic DNA testing services which means we can test several samples which allow you to carry out the test in a discrete way. Such samples include finger nail clippings, stains containing genetic material, tooth brushes and cigarette stubs.

How to order a DNA Test

Step 1: After reviewing the information provided in the website please select the type of DNA test you require : Paternity Testing, Relationship Test, DNA Profile, Twin Zygosity Test, DNA Forensic Test, Ancestry DNA Test and Genetic Predisposition DNA Test etc.

Step 2: For payment by Mastercard or Visa please proceed to order the DNA test required from the secure Order DNA Test page. Other payment options can be viewed on our website .

Step 3: After your order has been confirmed, a case reference number will be allocated and your DNA testing kit will be dispatched. This DNA test kit contains everything required. Visit our visual online Sample Collection Guide for information about how to collect your own samples. The kit is applicable to all tests. For a Legal DNA Test a different sample collection procedure is required.

Step 4: After collecting the samples please return them to us in the self-addressed envelope provided with your kit also enclosing the submission forms correctly filled in. Once the laboratory receives your samples the paternity test will be processed and your test results will be emailed to you within 5-7 working days, unless you select our express option for an additional charge. We have provided a sample Paternity test result online please click here.

How to select your Paternity Test Service Provider

When selecting your paternity test provider you need to make sure you confirm a number of factors. These include the accreditation status of the lab, the available technical support and experience, the number of genetic loci tested and the confidentiality of the whole test process.

easyDNA provides you with some DNA Testing Tips for ensuring you select the correct testing provider. Please read these tips and if you have any questions kindly let us know.

easyDNA offers gender prediction testing using maternal urine. This DNA test can be done as early as the 9th week of pregnancy.

You can also find out directly about our home paternity test and how to use our DNA test kit that will be sent once you place your order.

Visit easyDNA UK if you are interested to perform a DNA test in the UK.

easyDNA Zimbabwe is you DNA testing and paternity testing specialist based in Harare.

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