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DNA testing is one of the greatest medical and scientific breakthroughs in recent world history. Our paternity test can be used in many situations from resolving family issues to assisting in law enforcement matters.

Affordable and Accurate Paternity Testing only - NO HIDDEN FEES

Our Paternity Test is priced at only $350 (PRICE EXCLUDES COURIER CHARGES) for one alleged father and child, and the cost includes everything you need to do the test. There are NO HIDDEN FEES. All our parental DNA tests are performed using the latest state-of-the-art equipment through the analysis of 21 different genetic markers for maximum accuracy.

easyDNA offers affordable and discreet DNA tests, specializing particularly in the provision of Paternity Testing and other related services. Our tests are performed in our internationally accredited ISO17025 laboratory to give you the assurance your result is highly accurate. With up to 99.999+% probability in the case of an inclusion if the man tested is the biological father and 100% exclusion if he is not, then your peace of mind is guaranteed.

When using our DNA testing services, your test results are available in just 3-5 working days from the receipt of the samples at the laboratory.

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With easyDNA we guarantee to make taking the test a very simple process. Once you order your test, we will send you a DNA test kit that includes everything you need including detailed instructions. The samples are collected through an oral swab which is rubbed on the inside of the mouth and is completely painless!

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Sometimes it is not possible to directly obtain samples from the person who needs to be tested. In this case, discreet samples can be submitted instead. Samples that can be used include strands of hair, blood, clothing, cigarette butts and other items that may contain traces of DNA. For more information visit our Discreet DNA Testing services section.

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Reasons for requesting paternity testing

Why should you get a DNA Test? The reasons are varied, but DNA testing offers the kind of proof that stands up in court. If you want to know the real father of a child, DNA paternity testing is the legal standard for the 21st century, and you can get it done here. Want to know who your ancestors are? easyDNA can help you understand your genealogy, and your genes! You can even find out if your significant other is cheating, or if all the kids in your family are yours; whether the circumstance involves infidelity or a hospital mix-up. Best of all, we have DNA test kits that involve a small sample of saliva, so you can start the process yourself and our labs can take care of all the scientific work for you.

DNA testing has become affordable enough for just about anyone, and offers answers for people who would otherwise have doubts about paternity, ancestry, and fidelity. easyDNA brings modern science to the average person. Our paternity testing service can prove whether a man is the father of a child or not. A test like this can go a long way in securing child support payments, or preventing a false paternity claim. Relationship testing can prove whether children are genetically related, or whether they are half-brothers and sisters. Infidelity testing can either provide peace of mind or evidence for a divorce case, but in either circumstance it can give definitive proof. Immigration testing can bring families together in the country where they choose to call home.

No matter why you choose to get a DNA test, all testing is performed to ISO-17025 standards, and that means that our labs are trusted by international authorities to bring you accurate results you can trust. Find the answers that you are looking for - order your test kit now.

You can even take your genetic profile a step further and become the creator of your own work of art with personalized DNA art.

Our list of tests include: Paternity Testing, Sibling DNA Testing, DNA Profiling, Twin DNA Test, DNA Forensic Test, Ancestry DNA Test and Genetic Predisposition Test etc.

easyDNA also offers gender prediction testing using maternal urine. This is a DNA test and can be done as early as the 9th week of pregnancy and a 100% safe non-invasive prenatal paternity test.

Step-by-step guide to ordering your home DNA test

Step 1: Review all the information within our website including our frequent questions section. This will help you select the DNA test most appropriate for your needs.

Step 2: Once you have selected your test, you can proceed to place your order by MasterCard or Visa through our secure system. Make sure you select the correct number of people participating in the test. Alternative payment options are also available - Click Here for more information.

Step 3: You will receive an order confirmation and a confirmation that your DNA kit is being processing for shipping. The kit will include all you need to collect the samples and send them back to us. A helpful online sample collection guide is also available providing instructions on how to collect samples using our personal DNA test kit. For a legal DNA test, a different process for the sample collection is required.

Step 4: After you collect the samples, return them to us using the self-addressed envelope provided in your kit. Make sure you include the submission forms filled in completely. We will notify you by email once we receive your samples. Your DNA test results will be sent to you via email in 3-5 business days, unless you choose and pay for express testing.

Personal DNA Testing Tips

When selecting your DNA testing company, confirm that all the tests are performed by an ISO17025 accredited laboratory for your peace of mind. Also ensure that the company is able to offer proper technical support to guide you through the whole process and assist you with any issues you may have.

With over seven years of experience in this industry and over 300,000 DNA tests conducted by our laboratory, at easyDNA we have the experience to handle your testing requirements. Therefore if you require a paternity test Contact Us or Have Us Call You directly.

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